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Private room

Are you looking for a private space for your events?

Le Select has a private room totally independent from the restaurant, allowing you to welcome up to 25 people.
Various aperitif and dinner formulas are available to personalise your evening. Located on the first floor, the space can be adapted for each privatization. You will find a cosy lounge area, a mini-bar, a Bluetooth speaker for your music and a private toilet.

Conditions & guidelines for privatisation

Minimum of 15 people for a booking on Tuesday and Wednesday
Minimum of 20 people for Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Arrival 7pm – Departure Midnight

Before booking

Validation of the quote 1 week before the date.
Deposit required (50%) in cash.
The capacity is limited to a maximum of 30 people.

During privatisation

Access to the reception room is via the communal areas of the building, so please be discreet on the stairs when accessing it.
Do not smoke in the courtyard, do not play music too loudly in the room after 11pm on weekdays and 12am at weekends
Think of our neighbours and please keep the door closed

After booking

Any food ordered will be charged.
Open bottles of alcohol or soft drinks will also be charged.
For hygienic reasons it is not possible to leave with the remaining food (cold chain)
Any damage to the furniture, decoration or the Bluetooth system will be charged to the organiser.

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Booking now

    For a quote request, it is imperative to tell us your overall budget or per person. This will allow us to adapt our proposal to your budgetary constraints.